Learning on/with the Open Web

Today sees us host Learning on/with the Open Web, which is something for those that know me is something is very close to my heart. It is nearly ten years since ‘working openly’ provided a key link in the chain which transformed my journey within higher education and the wider cultural landscape which I have the pleasure to be involved.

Co-convened by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab and Reclaim Hosting this one-day MozFest fringe event celebrates the Open Web as a socio-technical ecosystem for teaching, learning, scholarly communication and public engagement!

The event is a follow-up to both the Open Web for Learning & Teaching Expertise Hub (OWLTEH), an initiative kick-started throughout the Mozilla Open Leaders Programme (cohort 5), and the Domains Conference 2017.

Want to know more about what do we mean by ‘the Open Web’?

We have a stellar cast lined up today including… Mia ZamoraCatherine CroninMaha BaliRobert FarrowAnne-Marie Scott, Wendy Liu, Jim Groom, Hannah Evans (Wikimedia UK) and many more!

The full line up is here.

On a personal note, one of the most amazing things about leading a lab such as ours, is that I get to work with an incredibly dedicated and creative bunch of people. Therefore, today is very much a tribute to their tireless enthusiasm and energy.

It is wonderful to see how today’s programme has developed from the seeds that were sown in those early appear.in calls with Jim and the interest expressed by Mozfest. So a huge and truly sincere thank you and a massive big up goes to the Daniel, Lauren, Deb, Charlie, Alex and Sarah, without them, our amazing contributors and you today’s online and in-person audience this event would just not have been possible.

Join us to share, learn and participate in how the Open Web can be utilised in different educational contexts and why it is core to the development of digital literacies and critical pedagogy approaches.

Live streaming is here http://conf.owlteh.org/online/

Learn and enjoy!

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