Flourishing: art, participation and the world to come


“The internet is vast. Bigger than a city, bigger than a country, maybe as big as the universe. It’s expanding by the second. No one has seen its borders.

And the internet is intangible, like spirits and angels. The web is an immense ghost land of disembodied places. Who knows if you are even there, there.”

Kevin Kelly, from the Internet Mapping Project.

In 2016−17, there were 1,012,425 entrants to higher education institutions
in the UK, 56,400 fewer than in 2007−08. In the field of Arts and Design, according to @artsemergency only 16% of those applications to arts and design were from state school pupils.

What does this context mean for how we, as academics and practitioners, consider, understand and engage with ‘our community’ for the contemporary Art College and how we realise arts education today?

These are some of the ideas Jonathan will be exploring with the wonderfully dynamic panel members Gillian Easson, Director of Creative Dundee and Martin Avila, Development Director of Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow.

Flourishing: art, participation and the world to come is a Leverhulme Conference presented by Duncan Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee.
Convenor: Alasdair Foster, Adjunct Professor RMIT University, Melbourne and Leverhulme Visiting Professor, DJCAD

The full programme is available here.

The whole event was filmed, we will add the link as soon as it is available!

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