Launched today: Open Education book


I’m proud to have been able to play some small part in seeding the idea for this project, getting it off the ground and providing direction early on. The real credit now however, firmly lays with my colleagues Prof. Gary Hall, Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Ted Byfield, Simon Worthington and Shaun Hides.

Open Education: A Study in Disruption explores the disruption of the traditional university as a result of the increasingly widespread provision of free online open education.

What for decades could only be dreamt of is now almost within reach: the widespread provision of free online education, regardless of a geographic location, financial status, or ability to access conventional institutions of learning. But does open education really offer the openness, democracy and cost-effectiveness its supporters promise?
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Open Education: Condition Critical panel is tonight in the UK and may still some places left, if so check out this link.

What people are saying…
“Open Education aims at starting new conversations, encouraging a thoughtful engagement with its subjects. Open education emerges through this text as a space of possibility, and opportunity, but also a space which demands an ethical, critical approach.”
Jesse Stommel, Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Director of Hybrid Pedagogy

“In a refreshing change from the simplified (and shallow) treatment in popular media, the authors unveil the layers of complexity needed to truly address the concepts of “Disruption” and “Open Education”. While it may contain more questions than answers, this is a critical step in looking beyond strategies of solutionism. Grounded in a consideration of the societal, economic, and cultural influences on the future of higher education, combined with the practical experience of Coventry University, this book will be foundational for any institution that wants to have a hand in crafting their own future.”

Alan Levine, Learning Technology Consultant

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