Why Open works for me…


This is my slide deck from the SPARC Europe organised Open Access Roadshow that we hosted recently in our new Disruptive a Media Learning Lab.
I was asked to give a short talk sharing my recent experiences of working with open access for my publication NEWFOTOSCAPES with the Library of Birmingham and GRAIN photography hub.

My immediate reaction and response was “it’s a no-brainer…why should we do anything else?” Hopefully, the slides offer a reason why. ‘New beginnings and mediations’ here offers further context.

Background to SPARC Europe
Their mission
Their mission is to create change and build a better scholarly communication system for the future.

Their work
Their work is focused on achieving Open Access. They believe we can do this best by means of:

Advocacy and education: they participate in workshops, conferences and advisory bodies, make presentations and provide advocacy material on Open Access.
Working with policy makers: they work to influence Open Access policy development at national and European level.
Networking: we work with other organisations to build effective networks of strong voices that can make change happen.
Learn more about their work.

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