Talking Photographic Futures

In his 2009 book After Photography, Fred Ritchin observes: ‘The digital revolution, if it truly is to be a revolution, will see the transformation of photography into a more expansive set of media strategies. The digital environment allows image makers to veer from a conventional, Newtonian view of the world, to one that considers countless views’. Nearly a decade later, this series brings together local, national and international writers, academics, artists and curators who are at the forefront of this fundamental shift. Each speaker demonstrates a rich and diverse approach to the photographic medium through progressive ideas around, for example, photographic education; the alignment between still and moving image; the imaginative use of archive material through reappropriation; the interrogation of network culture; the dissemination of photographic material in the form of potent exhibition strategies; and forward-thinking methodologies for audience engagement. With ideas very much of the present, Photographic Futures seeks to consolidate and reflect upon these approaches, with an eye towards an extended photographic future that we will all inhabit.

Photographic Futures is curated by Tim Mills

With special thanks to: Elizabeth Chapman-Lane, David Chandler and Simon Standing


JONATHAN SHAW Wednesday 7 February 6.00pm, Jill Cragie Cinema

NIINA VATANEN Wednesday 14 February 6.00pm, Jill Cragie Cinema

JULIET MIDDLETON-BATTS Wednesday 21 February 6.00pm, Jill Cragie Cinema

KAY WATSON Wednesday 14 March 6.00pm, Jill Craigie Cinema


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