Redeye Networking for New Mindsets on Photography



These are the slides from my talk at MediaCity UK for the Redeye Network.
It was a great opportunity to meet and talk face to face with a whole new community of photographers, enthusiasts and educators.

I apologise for those just joining the conversation here, as I tend to use my slides as a prompt, or starting point to hopefully explore the interests of the audience I am talking with. As such, it may be a little hard to follow the narrative within the slides but please drop me a line if you are uncertain about anything or perhaps interested in finding out more.

I wanted to work with the Redeye Network to speak with and meet photographers, enthusiasts and educators in the northwest and pose some questions that I began consider about 6 years.

The talk essentially seeks to motivate you (the participants) by offering an alternative (or new) mindset on how we, as educators, may traditionally consider as the rules for photography education. I offer a journey through our ‘open-door’ explorations at Coventry University, and how we learnt to cherish the unexpected.

I am also pleased to introduce my latest project Newfotoscapes, a multi-platform book which is seeking to expand these practices to question and address the broad field of photography today. Fundamentally, it offers a focused eye on the possibilities for the creative author and image-maker through a series of conversations with key stakeholders and influential voices including Andy Adams, Charlotte Cotton, Mishka Henner and Stephen Mayes.

If you are interested in finding out more then please subscribe here (we should be sending out further information early in the new year). If you are interested in getting involved then please get in touch.

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