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Opening the doors workshop from Belgium

Opening the doors to visible and connected learning v.2 from Jonathan Shaw   I had the pleasure of being invited to Belgian at the end of November to present a workshop, at KU Leuven University, to colleagues whom are transitioning to a cross campus and multi campus mode of delivery. These are the  workshop slides from that session which reflected… Read more →

Redeye Networking for New Mindsets on Photography

New Mindsets on Photography from Jonathan Shaw     These are the slides from my talk at MediaCity UK for the Redeye Network. It was a great opportunity to meet and talk face to face with a whole new community of photographers, enthusiasts and educators. I apologise for those just joining the conversation here, as I tend to use my… Read more →

A bric-a-brac approach to arts and media education!?

A bric-a-brac approach to arts & media education!? from Jonathan Shaw Friday 20th September 2013 Media Education Summit, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK Abstract When faced with a broken and out of date methodology, structure and systems, how do we as academics find our purpose, value and relevance within the 21st Century classroom or perhaps a more relevant question should… Read more →

OpenMedia Classes

OpenMedia Classes from Jonathan Shaw   Shaun Hides & Jonathan Shaw Presented at the Digital Humanities Summer School, KU Leuven, Belgium 19th September 2013 The Coventry Open Media Class project grew out of the Open Media philosophy and approach that the Department of Media at Coventry University has adopted over the last four years. It is intended to capture a… Read more →

Opening the doors to visible and connected learning

Opening the doors to visible and connected learning from Jonathan Shaw   12th September PEDARE Conference 2013, Falmouth University, UK Opening the doors to visible and connected learning In 2011 Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun at Stanford University shook up educational institutions by opening their doors to their ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ interactive MOOC (Massively Open Online Class). Two years… Read more →

Preparing the Artist of Tomorrow

Teachers’ Academy, ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts), Utretcht and Amsterdam, 24-26th June 2013. Jonathan will be presenting at the Teachers’ Academy over in the Netherlands next week. This session will be a continuation of his collaboration with John Casey, Open Education Project Manager at University of the Arts London. Reimagining the Art College in the 21st century John… Read more →

Taking care of business: OER and the bottom line

Jonathan will be presenting “Taking care of business: OER and the bottom line” alongside John Casey from UAL and Shaun Hides on Wednesday 27th March at OER13, hosted this year by Nottingham University, UK. Details of the paper: This paper reflects on the experience of two Art, Design and Media (ADM) studies based institutions participating in a short project to explore… Read more →