#PICBOD 2012 App is now live and ‘active’

Jonathan is very excited to announce the new #PICBOD 2012 app is now available to download from the App store. This is a builds upon the earlier #PHONAR app launched before Christmas that Jonathan worked on with the Serious Games Institute (SGI) and fellow CU Photography team member Matt Johnston.

The first #PICBOD app was conceived and developed by my colleague Pete Woodbridge together with the team and was talked about by the Times Higher Education, British Journal of Photography and Professional Photographer magazine and was described by Professor David Campbell as ‘an innovation in photography education’

We are really grateful for all the feedback we have received and have now been able to respond to that with #PICBOD 2012 v1.1. You can now take and upload your own photographs, there is enhanced sharing and you can now easily search all of #PICBOD posts to find exactly what you need!

You can download #PICBOD 2012 from the Apple App Store. An Android version is in the pipeline and should hopefully be available later this year.

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