Open Education Conference October 16-18th 2012, Vancouver

Jonathan will be joining his colleagues Shaun Hides, Pete Woodbridge and Matt Johnston to speak about their Open Media work at the Open Education Conference in Vancouver later this month.

Jonathan will be talking about ‘Open Media: the Future’ where he will be linking together our recent and future uses of diverse tools and platforms– e.g. Blogs, Vimeo, Flicker, Abode DPS, iBooks,and Apps, to share and disseminate our research and educational materials. For example, Living Books About Life produced twenty one OER books about life in just 7 months; while Photographic Mediations, originally a small day-long symposium with c.50 attendees, has now been listened to nearly1,000,000 times via iTunesU. Finally, we outline some novel ways we are exploring new media and publishing platforms, and establishing new collaborations.

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