21st Century Education and the Connected Classroom


Last month a film crew from Ericsson took the time to travel over to the UK and film a short video about the ‘Future of Education’. The company have been really interested in our approach and the work that we have been doing across the breadth of my department at Coventry University. Ericsson are seeking to think ahead and as such believe firmly in the notion of a “Networked Society“. To quote them from their website;

We are on the brink of an extraordinary revolution that will change our world forever. In this new world everyone, everything and everywhere will be connected in real time. We call this the Networked Society, and it will fundamentally change the way we innovate, collaborate, produce, govern and sustain. When one person connects their life changes. With everything connected our world changes.

This video features myself and two other lecturers from Coventry University discussing our ideas and thoughts on how technology is shaping 21st Education.

There is also another great video here on Ericsson’s website with some of the students at the university talking about their experiences. Both Adele Reed and Sean Carroll from the photography course kindly shared their thoughts and inspirations with Ericsson.

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