Speaking at Aberystwyth University

Last month Jonathan was invited to give a keynote speech at Aberystwyth University‘s 6th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference.

His presentation sought to act as a catalyst for change, instigating an alternative mindset and creative attitude to challenge the existing conventions, to open up education and empower students and staff to re-model existing and own their teaching and learning practices in a networked age.

Openness and engagement has always been a key ethos of the Disruptive Media Learning Lab, and their hosts were keen to put this into practice so Jonathan was accompanied by his colleagues Oliver Wood (Innovation and Community Producer) and Thamu Dube from the School of Media and Performing Arts to deliver a series of workshops on Open Web learning, and the use of LEGO as a teaching and learning tool.

Jonathan’s slide deck can be found here on Slideshare. The visit was also featured in the Cambrian News under the heading “…latest innovations…”

The Disruptive Media Learning Lab will also be hosting a one-day MozFest fringe event called “Learning on/with the Open Web“, 25th October, Coventry UK.

It’s FREE to attend, so book your place now!

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