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Digital Media Learning – Interviewed by Howard Rheingold

Jonathan was interviewed earlier this week by the infamous Howard Rheingold for his interview series on the Digital Media Learning blog. The interview will be available online soon and we will let you know as soon as we do. It was a pleasure to finally speak to Howard who’s latest book “Netsmart: How to Thrive Online” is a truly valuable resource.… Read more →

Open Media: How to Give your Content Away for Free and Still Survive in the Contemporary University

Jonathan is delighted to have been invited to Adobe’s Digital Media Education Summit in Istanbul this week. As one of the education experts he will be talking alongside his colleague Shaun Hides about the Open Media practice they have established at Coventry University. Jonathan will also be premiering the recent digital publications he has been developing as part of his… Read more →

Breaking the mould of Photography Education

“There are times when a cool breeze runs through a landscape and other times when a hurricane sweeps through destroying all before it, laying bare all without strong foundations. That hurricane creates a new landscape and new opportunities to build a fresh with new materials, new ideas and concepts. The last few years have seen just such a hurricane drive… Read more →

Rediscover the time-based possibilities of the photographic image

The Art of Strip Photography This new book by Maarten Vanvolsem proposes; “a new use of this forgotten art: a use in which the temporal terms ‘speed’, ‘rhythm’, and ‘pace’ are of more value than terms so often associated with photography such as ‘freeze’, ‘split second’, or ‘capture’. Within the book one can find more than thirty artists using the strip… Read more →

Jason Tilley Photographer in Residence talks to #PICBOD class

Photographer in Residence: Jason Tilley from CU Photography on Vimeo. With a big thanks to Jaskirt Dhaliwal production assistance. travelling across India ‘making portraits of the people I encountered along the way’. During his time with us Jason has also been talking about his relationship to his grandpa’s photographic collection who was a photographer  for The Times of India newspaper working from their offices in Bombay in… Read more →

#PICBOD 2012 App is now live and ‘active’

Jonathan is very excited to announce the new #PICBOD 2012 app is now available to download from the App store. This is a builds upon the earlier #PHONAR app launched before Christmas that Jonathan worked on with the Serious Games Institute (SGI) and fellow CU Photography team member Matt Johnston. The first #PICBOD app was conceived and developed by my colleague Pete… Read more →

The RPS Moving On: Promoting Photography & Education

  Jonathan was delighted to be invited to join the Royal Photographic Society Education Working Group. “We need to change the mood and the culture. We started to manage change within The Society’s Distinctions. Now we need to support that 21st century vision via our mission as an educational charity, with the stated aim of promoting the art and science of… Read more →

iPhone Photography App Launched

This is the first of three Apps that Jonathan is working on in collaboration with the Serious Games Institute for the Open Classes that he oversees in the Department of Media at Coventry University. The #phonar app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch landed in the App store yesterday afternoon and is now available to download for free here. The… Read more →

Over 700,000 people tuning in to Photography on iTunesU!

The Photographic Mediations channel on iTunesU, that Jonathan established with the symposium (of the same title) he co-organised with Professor Gary Hall and Joanna Zylinska has now had over 700, 000 people tuning in. It has been ranked 2nd in the Fine Arts category and this year it has been recommended as ‘noteworthy’ alongside Universities such as Harvard and Stanford. Read more →