Hurricane sweeping away old landscapes


This was the piece Jonathan was asked to write for the “Photography as Art” special supplement published for The Times newspaper last week. It was lovely working with the supplement’s editor Sue Steward and many thanks for helping to condense it down into something that is hopefully interesting and informative.

“Over the last few years, a hurricane has swept through the established photographic landscape, commercial and social, and is now creating opportunities to build afresh with new materials, ideas and concepts.

A new topography has been drawn and a new creative environment built with the tools of photography by the digital natives and open-minded practitioners who are mastering those tools.

It is the immediacy and the scale of the globalisation and the democratisation of today’s technological innovations that make this such an exciting time to be engaged with photography. The scale of capture is vast and sees a greater number of images taken, uploaded, shared and tagged daily than ever before…”

The full article can be read here and the whole supplement can be found as a pdf here.

Also a big thank you to Marta Kochanek and Pete Brook for their inclusion.

Jonathan is currently working on a book with Grant Scott entitled “New Landscapes of Photography: Explained, Explored, Discussed and Questioned” which is due to be published later this year.

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