Unspeaking Engagements, Bangkok

Unspeaking Engagements
Curated by Brian Curtin and Steve Dutton
Art Center of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 20th August – 26th September 2009

Tintin Cooper (TH/UK)
Adam James (UK)
Michael Lee (SG/HK)
Tanya (tee) Mahon 馬 月 亮 (CAN/TW)
Brigid McLeer (IRL/UK)
Ho Ming-Kuei (TW)
Be Takerng Pattanopas (TH)
Kamol Phaosavasdi (TH)
Nigel Power and Elias Wyber (TH/UK)
Hester Reeve (UK)
Jonathan Shaw (UK)
Steve Swindells (UK)
Carl von Weiler (NL/UK)

Unspeaking Engagements brings together an international group of visual artists who explore processes of physical and/or durational engagement as a means of constituting the artwork. Each of the artists variously explore their own or the viewers’ awareness of their body in relation to space and time. At issue are questions of how such awareness can be cultivated, registered, represented and ultimately proliferated through the work of art. Unspeaking Engagements showcases artworks as sites of shifting experiences that veer unpredictably across time, space and object-hood and in differentiation from artworks that require detached observation and propose fixed or final interpretations.

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