New Landscapes of Photography book-project

Jonathan is pleased to announce his latest project in partnership GRAIN (The Photography Hub and Network for the West Midlands).

New Landscapes of Photography, a ‘living’ book about the new topography of visual storytelling through lens-based media by Jonathan Shaw.

The twenty first century has seen the democratization of photography, the birth of the digital native and the evolution of the digital caveman. Today we are all photographers. We are all publishers. We are all visual storytellers. A new visual image making topography has been drawn and a new creative environment built; it has yet to be named and perhaps never should be. It is a topography defined by the tools of mass communication and the open-minded practitioners who are mastering those tools.

The pervasive eye of the world has arisen, new practices have emerged crushing the power of the establishment; the net has amplified our ability to connect and build communities across the globe, the social use of images to communicate has facilitated an exponential growth in picture capture and seamless digital distribution.

New Landscapes of Photography brings a focused eye onto the Twenty First Century photographic landscape through a series of texts and interviews with key stakeholders and influential voices to explore and question what it means to be involved with Photography and Photographic Education in the post digital revolution environment.

Launched as a multi-platform book-project; web, ePub and in print (version 1.0) simultaneously, New Landscapes of Photography seeks to create a space for active dialogue and an exchange of ideas for photo-enthusiasts and photo-communities around the globe.

GRAIN: The Photography Hub and Network for the West Midlands
The Library of Birmingham, supported by Arts Council England and working in collaboration with local, national and international partners is creating a new hub and network for photography in the West Midlands. GRAIN will include research and development projects and a range of ambitious high quality opportunities all aimed at strengthening and sustaining photography in the region and promote the sector nationally and internationally. Click here to find out more…

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