Lanchester Gallery Projects are proud to present Unspeaking Engagements

Lanchester Gallery Projects announces an international exhibition of visual art in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Including artists from Thailand, Ireland, Singapore, Taiwan and Britain – though many have transnational affiliations – Unspeaking Engagements was shown at the Art Center of Chulalongkorn University during 2009.

The artists in Unspeaking Engagements explore processes of physical and/or durational engagement as a means of constituting the artwork. Each address their own or the viewers’ awareness of their body in relation to time and space.  At issue are questions of how such awareness can be cultivated, felt, represented and ultimately proliferated through the work of art. Unspeaking Engagements showcases artworks as sites of shifting experiences, in differentiation from artworks that require detached observation and propose fixed or final interpretations.

This exhibition proposes a detailed understanding of major questions within international contemporary art practices – who does what, how, when, and to whom – and consequently links theoretical debates about the intersection of performance and performativity to more recent critical issues of relational or participatory art. Moreover, the international basis of Unspeaking Engagements highlights different terms for understanding common methods and aims. Theories and sensibilities developed in one part of the world can be radically tested in another, provoking unexpected intensities and new formations.

Works to be included are drawing, video, interactive media, site-specific installation, performance and objects.

Exhibiting Artists;
Tintin Cooper
Institute of Beasts
Adam James
Michael Lee
Tanya Madsen Mahon
Brigid McLeer
Ho Ming-Kuei
Be Takerng Pattanopas
Kamol Phaosavasdi
Nigel Power and Elias Wyber
Hester Reeve
Jonathan Shaw
Carl von Weiler

Note on the Curators
Dr. Brian Curtin is a freelance art writer and curator based in Bangkok, and is currently an adjunct lecturer on the PhD program in Design Arts at Silpakorn University.

Steve Dutton (RCA) is an artist and Professor in Creative Practice at Coventry University in the UK. His projects have been exhibited throughout the UK and internationally.

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