Crash exhibition

The full scale Crash at a staggering 60m x 3m installed at New Art Gallery Walsall

Sorry it has taken so long to get this slideshow of the show online (I blame the beautiful Spanish beaches!)

Crash from Jonathan Shaw on Vimeo.

A photographic installation by Jonathan Shaw

New Art Gallery Walsall, UK
10 July to 6 September 2009

For this exhibition, I decided to transform the gallery space into a site-specific installation which draws the audience into the chaotic and claustrophobic world of nightclub culture. Featuring images shot at Crash, one of the most decadent clubs in London, the photograph has been reproduced at high resolution using the latest digital technologies.

Deborah Robinson, Senior Exhibitions Curator says “We are delighted to present such a talented artist as part of our contemporary exhibition programme. This exhibition takes advantage of the unique spaces at Walsall and will immerse visitors with a single large-scale panoramic photographic image wrapping the length of the gallery.”

The viewer effectively becomes part of the sea of bodies, contorted by movement and flashing lights, as Shaw invites us to travel through the throngs, witnessing the melding of flesh and faces, only occasionally perhaps finding a moment of clarity within the chaotic mass.


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