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Cahier Journal has gone to print!

Cahier 03 Images in Motion has at last gone to print! Over the past year Jonathan has been collaborating with Maarten Vanvolsem, the author of  The Art of Strip Photography: Making Still Images with a Moving Camera on joint piece for Cahier. A more detailed post will be written when the journal is available early in the new year. Read more →

Rediscover the time-based possibilities of the photographic image

The Art of Strip Photography This new book by Maarten Vanvolsem proposes; “a new use of this forgotten art: a use in which the temporal terms ‘speed’, ‘rhythm’, and ‘pace’ are of more value than terms so often associated with photography such as ‘freeze’, ‘split second’, or ‘capture’. Within the book one can find more than thirty artists using the strip… Read more →