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Reflections on time, motion and photomechanics

Jonathan’s article is now available online from the Taylor & Francis website. You can see a preview of it if you click here. Abstract This article is a reflection on my own practice and its connection to changing representations of time and movement within photography. In my work as an artist and photographer, I have endeavoured to develop a particular… Read more →

Over 700,000 people tuning in to Photography on iTunesU!

The Photographic Mediations channel on iTunesU, that Jonathan established with the symposium (of the same title) he co-organised with Professor Gary Hall and Joanna Zylinska has now had over 700, 000 people tuning in. It has been ranked 2nd in the Fine Arts category and this year it has been recommended as ‘noteworthy’ alongside Universities such as Harvard and Stanford. Read more →

Aspects of Edgerton

Aspects of Edgerton, Sunday 22 August, 2pm – FREE Unit 39-40, The Pallasades Shopping Centre An Ikon Gallery event with Jonathan Shaw, photographer and Associate Head of Media & Communication, Coventry University and artist Trevor Appleson. The speakers discuss the influence of Edweard Muybridge and Harold Edgerton’s photography on their recent work. Full details of the exhibition can be found… Read more →

Invitation to talk about Harold Edgerton with Ikon Gallery

Jonathan has been invited by Pete James, Head of Photographs at Birmingham Central Library and Ikon Gallery to talk about his work and its relationship to the pioneering work of Harold Edgerton. This new show pays reference to their first exhibition of his held in 1976. This was in fact the first European solo exhibition by the pioneering American scientist… Read more →

Photographing Time @Estorick Collection

  Animated sequence of a buffalo (American bison) galloping. Photos taken by Eadweard Muybridge, first published in 1887 at Philadelphia (Animal Locomotion). Animation by Waugsberg, 2006-7-16. Bullet through banana, 1964, photograph by Dr. Harold Edgerton Talk by Jonathan Shaw Photographing Time Saturday 3rd April, 2pm, Estorick Collection, London Jonathan has been invited to talk as part of On the Move… Read more →

It’s a revelation, says Michael Glover

Miller shows us more than just photographs and paintings in this show. This is one of the reasons why it is so appealing. He keeps on nudging us, encouraging us to think more widely, to think about how what Muybridge and others did had an impact on art, photography, books, film, the theatre. Didn’t Busby Berkeley’s gorgeous choreography, all that… Read more →

Constantly in motion – Wall Street Journal review On the Move

Jonathan Shaw’s Triple Jump, Harold Edgerton’s Densmore Shute Bends the Shaft & Portrait of Jonathan Miller “On the Move: Visualising Action,” at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art in north London until April 18, for which Sir Jonathan has assembled a wide range of material examining the perception and depiction of movement. The show includes not only Muybridge’s fragile… Read more →

Depicting motion motionlessly

On the Move: Visualising Action at the Estorick Collection, London. 13th January – 18th April 2010. 17th January, The Sunday Independent, The Critics, Visual Art/Film by Charles Darwent. “And other rooms bring Miller’s story up to date by focussing on the modern interest in depicting motion motionlessly, from Jonathan Shaw’s shot of a triple-jumper mid-jump to the sequentially flailing fists… Read more →

The intention of action…

What a great opening night, I was introduced to the man himself Dr. Jonathan Miller and all the team at the Estorick. It was an unbelievable turnout (you could barely see the show!) with a really illuminating introduction by Jonathan. It was truly amazing to see my work set amongst those who have influenced and expanded on our understanding and… Read more →