Announcing the launch of Photomediations: An Open Book

Jun. × ’15

Photomediations: An Open Book from Photomediations Machine on Vimeo.

I’m a little delayed uploading this post but hey we are still…
… pleased to announce the launch of Photomediations: An Open Book.
The project redesigns a coffee-table book as an online experience to
produce a creative resource that explores the dynamic relationship
between photography and other media. Photomediations: An Open Book uses
open (libre) content, drawn from various online repositories (Europeana,
Wikipedia Commons, Flickr Commons) and tagged with the CC-BY licence and
other open licences. In this way, the book showcases the possibility of
the creative reuse of image-based digital resources.
Through a comprehensive introduction and four specially commissioned
chapters on light, movement, hybridity and networks that include over
200 images, Photomediations: An Open Book tells a unique story about the
relationship between photography and other media. The book’s four main
chapters are followed by three ‘open’ chapters, which will be populated
with further content over the next 18 months. The three open chapters
are made up of a social space, an online exhibition and an open reader.
A version of the reader, featuring academic and curatorial texts on
photomediations, will be published in a stand-alone book form later in
2015, in collaboration with Open Humanities Press.
Photomediations: An Open Book’s online form allows for easy sharing of
its content with educators, students, publishers, museums and galleries,
as well as any other interested parties. Promoting the socially
significant issues of ‘open access’, ‘open scholarship’ and ‘open
education’, the project also explores a low-cost hybrid publishing model
as an alternative to the increasingly threatened traditional publishing
Photomediations: An Open Book is a collaboration between academics from
Goldsmiths, University of London, and Coventry University. It is part of
Europeana Space, a project funded by the European Union’s ICT Policy
Support Programme under GA n° 621037. It is also a sister project to the
curated online site Photomediations Machine:
Project team: Professor Joanna Zylinska, Dr Kamila Kuc, Jonathan Shaw,
Ross Varney, Dr Michael Wamposzyc. Project advisor: Professor Gary Hall.
Visit Photomediations: An Open Book:
Follow us on Twitter: @photomediations
For further enquiries please contact:
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Why Open works for me…

Nov. × ’14

This is my slide deck from the SPARC Europe organised Open Access Roadshow that we hosted recently in our new Disruptive a Media Learning Lab.
I was asked to give a short talk sharing my recent experiences of working with open access for my publication NEWFOTOSCAPES with the Library of Birmingham and GRAIN photography hub.

My immediate reaction and response was “it’s a no-brainer…why should we do anything else?” Hopefully, the slides offer a reason why. ‘New beginnings and mediations’ here offers further context.

Background to SPARC Europe
Their mission
Their mission is to create change and build a better scholarly communication system for the future.

Their work
Their work is focused on achieving Open Access. They believe we can do this best by means of:

Advocacy and education: they participate in workshops, conferences and advisory bodies, make presentations and provide advocacy material on Open Access.
Working with policy makers: they work to influence Open Access policy development at national and European level.
Networking: we work with other organisations to build effective networks of strong voices that can make change happen.
Learn more about their work.

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Launched today: Open Education book

Nov. × ’14

Alan Levine, Learning Technology Consultant


I’m proud to have been able to play some small part in seeding the idea for this project, getting it off the ground and providing direction early on. The real credit now however, firmly lays with my colleagues Prof. Gary Hall, Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Ted Byfield, Simon Worthington and Shaun Hides.

Open Education: A Study in Disruption explores the disruption of the traditional university as a result of the increasingly widespread provision of free online open education.

What for decades could only be dreamt of is now almost within reach: the widespread provision of free online education, regardless of a geographic location, financial status, or ability to access conventional institutions of learning. But does open education really offer the openness, democracy and cost-effectiveness its supporters promise?
Read more here

Open Education: Condition Critical panel is tonight in the UK and may still some places left, if so check out this link.

What people are saying…
“Open Education aims at starting new conversations, encouraging a thoughtful engagement with its subjects. Open education emerges through this text as a space of possibility, and opportunity, but also a space which demands an ethical, critical approach.”
Jesse Stommel, Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Director of Hybrid Pedagogy

“In a refreshing change from the simplified (and shallow) treatment in popular media, the authors unveil the layers of complexity needed to truly address the concepts of “Disruption” and “Open Education”. While it may contain more questions than answers, this is a critical step in looking beyond strategies of solutionism. Grounded in a consideration of the societal, economic, and cultural influences on the future of higher education, combined with the practical experience of Coventry University, this book will be foundational for any institution that wants to have a hand in crafting their own future.”

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Slide deck from National Photography Symposium #NPS6

Jun. × ’14

This slide deck is hyper-linked throughout, please use it to navigate it’s content. Any questions please ask, if you want to find out more then please follow #newfotoscapes on twitter or dive right on into the NEWFOTOSCAPES book online or download the ebook or buy the ‘beautifully designedbook. Finally, if you simply wish to support the project and wish to see it continue then we would love you to donate here.
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National Photography Symposium features NEWFOTOSCAPES

Jun. × ’14

12 – 14 June 2014,
Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2ND, United Kingdom

The National Photography Symposium explores the most critical and talked-about subjects for photography and photographers. Top experts, thinkers and commentators offer the most interesting perspectives on what’s happening now and next in photography, as it affects anyone working in the medium. This year’s Symposium focuses on integrity in photography, and features three days of talks, debates, seminars and discussions.

Really looking forward to speaking about NEWFOTOSCAPES with my fellow panelists Stephen Mayes and Fiona Rogers (Magnum).

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Introductory NEWFOTOSCAPES slide deck

Jun. × ’14

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Upcoming talk: All About Imaging: Transactions

May. × ’14

Next week I’ll be discussing the NEWFOTOSCAPES research partnership at the All About Imaging: Transactions symposium in London.
There is a great line up of speakers including Oliver Grau, David Bate, Joanna Zylinska and many others. Further information and details for registering are below;
All About Imaging: Transactions
22 May 2014 – 23 May 2014
University of Westminster
Harrow Campus

Transactions is an interdisciplinary symposium exploring new directions in contemporary imaging from the perspectives of art, science and technology taking place a the University of Westminster from 22-23 May 2014. The symposium will bring together academics, artists, students and professionals working in contemporary imaging, to create opportunities for knowledge exchange, demonstration and discussion. Transactions aims to traverse discursive boundaries between disciplines, to build shared vocabularies, mutual understanding and new synergies.

The symposium is organised by the Faculty of Media, Arts and Design of the University of Westminster, with the co-operation of the Imaging Science Group of The Royal Photographic Society. The President of The RPS, Derek Birch HonFRPS, and the Faculty’s Dean, Prof Kerstin Mey, will open the event, which will include sessions on Photographic Theory and Scientific Imaging (in day 1), Imaging Science and Photographic practice (in day 2), interactive installations and workshops (on both days).

The full programme is available here.

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Disruptive Media Learning talk

May. × ’14

Thanks to both Academia Ltd and Apple for hosting Shaun Hides (my fellow Co-director of the Disruptive Media Learning Lab) and I at the Emirates Stadium last week. Here are the slides and the summary of our talk.
Disruptive Media Learning
As participants, creators and stakeholders it is important that we capitalise on, rather than fear, the shift in power enabled by this technologically driven change
NEWFOTOSCAPES – GRAIN and Library of Birmingham

How appropriate are walled and closed institutions for the digitally mediated world?
Arguably that the biggest disruption facing educators is not caused by the global economic crisis itself, or even the failure of vision of any particular government, but the one housed by the behemoth server farms and the global content producers of the Internet. We are in the midst of an educational system in which knowledge is being liberated from scarcity; previously the scholar’s role was to offer authoritative elucidation on the (rare and inaccessible) book to the privileged few. Today in the new ecology of ‘knowledge’ abundance, we have the potential to educate the masses – our problem is keeping up with and deciding what content to educate them about.

The Disruptive Media Learning Lab is designed as a cross-University experimental unit that will provide support for new and on-going pedagogic development in new and disruptive technological spaces. The Lab draws upon areas from which the University has established a track record of innovation, e.g, the Serious Games Institure, which has pioneered the use of games logics and Apps in educational content delivery and the Media Department’s teaching and learning ‘experiments’ with Open Media Classes (e.g Phonar, Picbod, Creative Activism and Digital Formations) and research/publication experiments, the Disruptive Media group; as well as the LIRG research, evaluation, experimentation and publication on the impact of virtual worlds on pedagogy and chatbots in higher education.

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Pictures from NEWFOTOSCAPES book launch

May. × ’14


A big thanks to everyone who was able to make it to the NEWFOTOSCAPES book launch at the Library of Birmingham. Here’s a selection of pictures from the evening courtesy of Nicky Connor at Opticola.


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Newfotoscapes book launch talk

May. × ’14

Here are the slides from the brief introduction I gave at the NEWFOTOSCAPES book launch. Using excerpts from the book pages themselves, these slides hopefully give you a sense of the motivations, inspirations and the journey along the path to making this a reality.
A big shout out goes to Nicky Connor (impeccable research assistance), Ross Varney (web mastery) and lastly Mark Murphy (graphics extraordinaire).
My sincere thanks also go to Pete James, Nicola Shipley at GRAIN Photography Hub, Madeleine Atkins, Shaun Hides, Gary Hall and Coventry University without whom this project would not have been possible.
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